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  Cảm nghĩ của một số ACE nhân ngày họp thường niên YKH tại San Jose, California ngày 9 tháng 8 năm 2008  


     Trước tiên là những lá thư sôi động“chiến trường” trong chuyến Mỹ Du dài cả tháng trời của anh chị Nguyễn Diêu sau khi đi phó hội YKH ở San Jose vừa qua. Cùng với tinh thần chia xẽ thân mật “thư riêng tình chung” này, chúng tôi cũng xin mạn phép đăng lại những tâm tình của Hà Thúc Thanh, Bùi Văn Minh, Lê Văn Hiệp, Tôn Thất Hứa cùng với những thư của Thầy Lê Bá Vận, Thầy Bùi Duy Tâm, đàn anh Đoàn Kim Phước, anh LạI Đức Thuần, cụ Chủ Tịch YKH chúng tôi, theo thứ tự càng lui về sau càng cận với ngày họp.

Dear Cac Ban Hien,
                      Tui nay dang o NewYork duoc may hom, sang nao cung ra Central Park de luyen chuong  lay suc di choi tiep . Sang mai se den Atlantic City hai ngay , sang Friday thi truc chi Washington DC de kip tham du Party hoi ngo o nha Lu Duc Ky ( dan em YK & Xavier ) vao toi Saturday, trua Chua Nhat thi lai tiep tuc hop mat o nha Nguyen Huu Hien vi toi Sunday tui nay bay ve lai Boston .Chuyen USA du lan nay qua vui vi duoc lai hau het cac ban hien nam nao. Cam on tat ca ban hien o Cali nhieu lam.
                                                        Than tinh,
                                                           Dieu & Chinh,


Dear Chanh,
                               Tui minh vua moi tro lai Boston last night sau khi du hanh qua NewYork City, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Baltimore  &. Washington DC .Toi thu bay vua roi tui minh hop mat o nha Lu Duc Ky dong mon YKH &  dan Xavier. Tui minh da gap lai cac Anh Chi Tho, Phuoc, Hien , Hung , Hon, Dang, Ho Chung Tu , Thay Co Chieu .. Thuc an ngon & rat la vui nhon, minh cung ke chuyen cai quan & biet dong quan lam moi nguoi cuoi be bung, lan nay khong phai la ban hien Vinh Chanh ma la Doan Kim Phuoc. Tui minh den Philadelphia thi co Nguyen van Bach va ba Xa dang cho don, di nhien la tui minh ve o choi voi anh chi Bach ( Bach cung la dan Xavier), sang hom sau thi truc chi Baltimore,.Minh co mot ban tu ( inmate ) moi tui minh xuong Orlando nhung tui minh phai ve lai Melbourne vao ngay 27/8 nen danh chiu. Cam on Chanh da du do minh sang USA lan nay de co mot chuyen du hanh that tuyet voi. Michael co loi tham & chuc suc khoe den chu Chanh . Michael se tro lai DownUnder vao cuoi nam de dam nhan Lab Director trong mot Major Teaching Hospital o Perth ( mot thanh pho rat dep, capital of Western Australia, cach Melbourne 3 gio bay ).
                            Chuc Chanh & Chau mot ngay hon moi ngay.


                                                             Diêu & Chinh

Dear Ban Hien,
                         Dieu & Chinh da ve lai Melbourne bang yen sau hon 3 weeks du hanh qua nhieu noi va nhat la duoc hoi ngo voi nhieu Ban Hien tu Tay sang Dong cua USA. Phai noi la chuyen My du tuyet voi lan nay la nho Chanh Chau doc thuc nhieu lan, THANKS. Vinh Chanh yen tam, minh se viet bai cho tap san ky niem 50 nam YKH, nhung tham du thi chua chac vi sau chuyen bay dai 30 hours( 24 gio bay & 6 gio cho doi o Airport ) tu Boston ve Melbourne minh thuc su cam thay het xi oach roi Minh khong mong gi hon la Thuan & Hung co gang giup Chau Chanh duy tri va phat trien Hoi YKH nhieu hon nua .
                               Chuc cac Ban Hien & Gia Dinh mot ngay hon moi ngay.
                                                        Than tinh,
                                                             Dieu & Chinh, Melbourne. Sept. 2, 08


     Than goi Anh BS. VChanh  . 

     Toi co doc thu lien lac thang 8,2008  va chu y nhieu den doan dai Anh viet ve cac Thay Co cu den du gap mat hom do .
    Anh  lac quan, nhung cu the va chinh xac khi mo ta cac Thay cu trong rat tre va nhanh nhen . Toi rat khich le . Tuy nhien khong phai Thay nao cung duoc vay , rieng toi thi kem xa , ma cung dung thoi .  

     Than ai,  Lê Bá Vận .


Kinh thua Thay Van:

Em vui mung nhan duoc cam nghi cua Thay khi doc La Thu LLac thang 8 vua qua. Lac quan la ca tinh cua em. Neu co Thay hien dien ngay hom do, em cung co cach de noi len la Thay van tre nhu thưong.

Rat mong Thay Cô se co mat voi YKH vao thang 8 mua he sang nam de cung nhau ky niem 50 nam cua truong DHYKH.

Kinh chuc Thay Co luon vui manh.

Kinh thu, em V. Chanh

Bay gio toi moi nhan ra TOM HA la anh HA THUC THANH,nguoi ban ngoi canh toi trong bua tiec Lien Hoan buoi hop mat YK Hue vua qua.Rat han hanh.
Cung vao dip nay toi duoc gap anh Le Dinh Cuong(ngoi cung ban)tac gia cua nhieu bai rat hay tren email ma toi da danh mot BOX rieng de luu tru~.Cam on anh.
Ngoi doi dien la Bui Van Minh,nha TIM HOC danh tieng co' tra'i tim bang VA`NG voi hai nghia Truu Tuong va Cu The.Cam on Dao Dien Vinh Chanh.
BuiDuyTam, Aug.22, 2008


  Than goi cac ACE trong BCH:

 CHUNG TOI THANH THAT CAM ON TAT CA CAC ANH CHI EM TRONG BCH da to chuc duoc mot HOP MAT THUONG NIEN cho YKHHN tai San Jose vao thu bay vua qua that la thanh cong tren moi phuong dien tu tiep tan,phan nghi le, phan trao qua, phan cat banh, phan Am thuc, phan Van Nghe va Dancing, ke ca khung canh nha Hang Dynasty. Rieng phan nhan xet rieng cua tui thi day la mot buoi Hop duoc đánh gia la rat xuat sac va khong co cho nao che. Chung toi rat lay lam sung suong va them mot lan nua xin thanh  that cam on su dong gop cua tat ca cac anh chi em trong BCH.
 Chung toi xin mời cac anh chi em trong BCH mot buoi an trua vao chu nhat cuoi tuan ,hay toi chu nhat cuoi tuan nao do rat gan de an mung cho su thanh cong cua Buoi hop mat vua qua cung nhu han huyen ve nhung chuyen  vui trong nhung ngay Hop vua qua.
 Than men.

 VO VAN PHAC, Aug.13,08

My Pieces of Puzzle.
By Hà Thúc Thanh, YKH # 12
  I could have told everyone that on the day I left for YKH reunion party in San Jose (08/09/2008), the Russia took advantage of my absence to invade Georgia and the once–presidential-candidate John Edwards confessed of his infidelity when I was least attentive to the election of 2008. If that statement is unbelievable untrue then what I experienced in San Jose was truly a dream came true amidst my least anticipation.
  San Jose, as a city, is too beautiful to just drop in and bid farewell right away. Myriad species of flowers are blooming at every street corner, on every piece of land. It was nicely cool even in the middle of the day to allow the luxury of enjoying the soothing breezes through open doors. The “hot like hell” 103 degrees of Texas where I came from was as illusory as the heavenly 70’s degrees in San Jose. The sun light seemed to smile on everybody’s face, flickering with amusement in the crispy clean air. 
  Such stark environmental changes stripped away every layer of “social makeup” that this rushing western lifestyle imposed on me. I found myself, the old me of the past, laying there without any social context as cover. Perhaps, when we could somehow retrace ourselves to our childhood of the past, there would appear a very innocent, naive person that we all missed and desperately wish to re-encounter; the very person of whom we call “me.”  I found that “me” of the past  suspended in a timeless zone where suddenly all those childhood memories rushed in, virtually validated by the resurface of all those familiar countenances that I once encountered during the time I grew up in that graceful city of Hue. Time was stopped. It was reversed. I was reincarnated in Hue right there in the heart of San Jose. I don’ think I was alone in that reincarnation.
  Le Dinh Cuong was the same LDC whose back seat of that old beat-up Honda was occupied by me on those rainy dim days in Hue.  Bui Van Minh is the same BVM that we met every day while we were students of Hue Medical School but rarely hang around together. The reality of being with your friend after a long separation allows you to believe that the person you see right there in front of you is the same person that you last saw long time ago-- skipping the time and everything else happened from there until now. The presence of your friends of the past is like that Play button on your life’s DVD. You hit it and voila`, that very portion of your childhood which was on pause from the time we left Hue is now continued to play. Marvelous!!! Marvelous!!!
At the dinner reception, right in front of me appeared our “teachers” (the right term is professor): Dr. Le Xuan Cong, Dr. Vo Dang Dai, and Dr. Nguyen Van Tu along with their wives. There were other people circling around at the time but they seemed to fade away, kind of being blurry in a sharp contrast to the familiar faces of our "teachers". Perhaps, as they played major roles in our lives back then; our 3 professors left a major indentation in my mind. Miraculously, they all looked so young. Their youthful look gave me the illusion that someone removed that block of time from 1975 to this very moment. I couldn’t explain the feeling that grasped me at that instance. It was just like in a dream. I felt like some supernatural force just scooped everybody from YK Hue the day before last and threw all of us now into this room.
 For those who experienced the sudden and painful exodus out of their native land like we did in 1975 -- after being abruptly cut off from daily routines -- they subconsciously felt the missing of something important. At least that was how I felt. And this void grew gradually as time passed.  Historically, on the second exodus out of Jerusalem during the invasion of Babylon, the similar pain and suffering of the Jews were described vividly in the Old Testament. The Jews disparately hoped for a day to return to their promised land. We, the Vietnamese could return to Vietnam any moment but we don’t want to do so as we know the land, the people that we used to know of couldn’t be found. That innocent paradise of Vietnam forever lost under the tyranny of communism. Thanks to God, instead of returning to Vietnam to repair the broken link to my past, the presence of my dearest friends LDC, BVM, LVP and especially these 3 professors brought my past to my presence to heal that gap in my soul. I learned that my past is as important as my presence, without both of them, there won’t be any of my future. Thank you. Thank you.
At the Dynasty restaurant.
 Surprise isn’t strong enough to describe how I felt when I met  Me^.  Vinh Chanh for the first time. I was expecting some “older than middle age” with a solemn appearance of a traditional “ca’c me^.” who would expect you to bow your head and do a two-hands hand shake to show respect. Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was just as young as a ... dynamic young man. I cannot tell you that he was a young and handsome man because I don’t want to be mis–nomenclatured as gay. But if I was his wife, I would make sure to buy a long leash and a paddle (ca^y roi). His introduction was vivid and humorous yet friendly and meaningful.  
 There were so many first during this reunion. After 33 years, this was also the first time I met “Anh Sum”,  “Anh Ngac” and “Hung 49” “Hung 50”. Let me elaborate a bit on the pronouns “Anh Sum”, “Anh Ngac”.
 When we use the terms “Beer 33” or “Channel 555” in our daily conversations, we don’t just talk about beer or perfume. We talk about that “mother of all beer” or the “mother of all perfume.” To all of us “later comers” of the 12th class, the terms “Anh Sum” and “Anh Ngac” connote superiority not only because they are older but because of their talents and fame while we were in Hue Medical School. Phan Chanh Duc was (and still) the person that frequently used the term “Anh Ngac”, “Anh Sum” with utmost respect. These terms were buried deep in our golden memories.
 By seeing them in flesh and bone, their presence was like a catalyst that triggered some hidden areas of my brain where all those wonderful memories of that golden age laid dormant for so long. Those familiar gentle smiles of Dr. Tran Tien Ngac and Dr. Tran Tien Sum were like the keys that opened widely the gates of memories that I dare so say that all attendants at this reunion could have the same experience upon re-encountering their friends. By being around them and surrounded by Hung 49, Hung 50 I felt as if they are these pieces of puzzle to complete the old picture of my life amidst the bigger picture of YK Hue.
 And then the legendary Professor Bui Duy Tam that I heard of so many times but never had the opportunity to meet. As Doctor and Mrs. Bui arrived late, they were seated (at the only 2 empty chairs left) next to me. Perhaps, our teachers, seniors (cac bac dan anh) didn’t have a clue of who we students are (they taught so many students) but – to all of us – they are those important, big dashes (---) connected us from the presence to our past because they were “bigger than real life” once in our lives (and they still are.)  I cannot say for everyone but during this reunion, I re-found myself through the presence of my friends, senior members and teachers as well.
 The last night at Ha Noi Restaurant.
 We left the reception at about 3 PM. With nowhere to go and to catch the next getting together at 6 PM, we decided to pull some chairs at Ha Noi’s outdoor pavilion to kill time. LDC, his wife Thu Giang and Nguyen Phuoc Bao Quy will have to leave the party to attend the Gala Night of Y Nha Duoc Quoc Te. They came all the way from Australia just to meet old friends. LDC was elected this year to be the president of Vietnamese Medical Association in Australia (I forgot the complete official name).  Many congratulations to LDC. I am proud of the hard earned achievements of BVM, LDC, NNT (both academically and medically) and they are the live testimonies to the fact that with genuine efforts and unrestricted opportunities, the limit of success is ... limitless.  
 So there we sat sipping ... coffee trying to recount as many old stories as we could. After abstinent of cigarette over 20 years, I couldn’t resist the cigar that BVM brought along. Cigar, especially the good ones and smoked with your friends, is a good distraction. It distracted you from worries, anticipation and prejudices and leaves you free to contemplating the company of the friends who will again depart to distant places without a promise to return.
 We shook hands and bid farewell to LDC, TG and NPBQ. BVM drove them back to the hotel for the Gala night. BVM is always good to his friends. It’s his nature to lend a hand and his wallet (too).
 Every one got inside and found a comfortable table. BVM carefully looked over the wine menu and ordered some red ones with some good “mo’n nha^.u” (appetizer?). Doctor Danh and his wife were really good singers. After more than one bottle of red wine, LVP seemed to open himself up to agree with me the fact that this young lady with the tattoo of a scorpion on the back would be perfect for LVP. LVP was truly enjoying the wine and the beauty that came unexpectedly.
 Many of these seniors (da`n anh) sitting here at these tables were serving in our South Republic of Vietnam Army. They were in their uniform to the battle fields all over the country to take care of our servicewomen and men. They faced death everyday. They faced arduous atrocity in the re-education camps. Somehow I could not connect these heroes who sat here right in front of or around me with all those sacrifice they made long time ago. They didn’t brag about their past. They didn’t ask anyone to recognize them. They just sat there as everyone else in this restaurant sitting, eating and listening to the karaoke. How are we going to thank these folks for what they have contributed to our country? It would be so award if I just stand up and walk to each of them and say “thank you for what you have done”. They wouldn’t understand what I try to say.
 BVM kept on pouring the wine into our glasses. We didn’t say much as the music was so loud. But everyone must have felt that warm friendship running in their arteries and veins. LVP kept a permanent smile on his red face; result of drinking  red wine and of contemplating (the) beautiful young lady sitting right in front of him. We sat silently and enjoyed the night.
  I didn’t expect much on the way to the reunion party in San Jose. But on the way back to Texas, I was made whole again and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration when I tell you that I was feeling as if being awoken up from a long coma. Thanks to all members of the “ban chap hanh” who have done the best to guarantee a truly successful reunion
  There would be nothing worse to a human being than being separated from one’s native land and isolated from his or her past. Actually, being refugees, each and every one of us was denied a chance to be connected to our past, our origin. We are like rivers that were disconnected from the source of water. In our cases, the source of water that fed us rivers was poisoned by idealism under the name of socialism. As time passed, the rivers must get water from the new tributaries and prospered on foreign land. But there was no denial that portions of the rivers had been thirsty for that original water which has been forever lost. Thanks to the reunion, the rivers were revitalized with the original water that has been preserved in the bottles of friendship that each of us brought to the reunion. A drop of this miraculous water was more than enough to turn all the rivers into live and happy ones.
  But are we just content with the rekindle of our friendship? Am I just satisfied with being awoken up from my long coma and then don’t care what will be next? Is YK Hue a place just for rallying with congratulations on successes; expression of condolences on misfortunes and greeting each other on the next reunion? Will LVP and I be content if some day LVP could find that young and beautiful lady (with the tattoo of the scorpion on the back) and tell her how happy we re-encounter her again? Will it be fine if the next time we meet and I will again find it awkward in choosing the right way to thank our former service men and women for their sacrifice? How about that (lack of) freedom, democracy in our native land? Do we have anything to do with (the improvement of) them?
   I don’t know. All I know is that together we can do wonders. It was proved through our last reunion.
Tom Ha
817 759 1800 (w); 817 683 3139 (Cell)

Kinh thua cac dong nghiep,
Toi da lam xong khoang 30 DVD hinh toi chup tren 500 pictures.
Toi co gang chup tung ban moi anh chi 1 tam rieng sau do chup ca ban. Neu missed anh chi nao toi xin loi vi khi toi toi ban hoac khong co anh hay chi.
1. Thu bay nay toi se di Sacramento chua rang, neu anh Tran T.Ngac, hay Tran H.Toan cho dia chi toi se deliver den office cua Ngac hay Toan. Neu 2 office gan nhau toi se dem den tan noi 2 offices.
2. Toi se deliver DVD cua Sang, Tram va BS Le Xuan Cong tai nha Tram. Neu khong kip gio toi se gui tai office co em vo, nho Sang hay Tram pick-up.
3. Cac anh Thuong, Bao, Hy, D Yen, Phac, Nam, De, H Thuan, Hung, Chanh, Sum, Bui X Dinh, Danh-Tinh Chau se nhan duoc DVD nam trong thu gui den nha.
4. Toi se gui tat ca DVD con lai den V Chanh, hy vong Chanh se gui DVD den moi nguoi.
5. Hung va ban quay toi 4 gio video, toi dang co capture vao computer, xong bo vao DVD gui Hung, Hung se edit vi vay chac hoi lau cac ban moi co VIDEO.
6. Nghe noi Vinh Chanh se gui DVD pictures den tat ca anh chi khoa 2 va 3 mac du khong du dai hoi nen toi co gang moi ngay lam them dvd.
Lai Đ.Thuan, Aug.12, 2008


 Hi all,
 It is early Monday AM here in Northern California, It is getting chilly. Many of you who attend the 8-9-2008 have not made it home yet. I wish you safe traveling.
It was certainly good to see you there.
It is not a productive weekend, but a happy weekend for me. I am happy to see so many people there who gave me the aspiration to be a doctor, a good doctor, a good human being. In a sense, many of you gave me something that I have kept for many years along the way.
Although I never had the opportunity to graduate from Hue, I am proud to be a member of the graduates and proud to be a member of Class 12 YKH. It is a beginning of a long journey, it was a right beginning for me. It gave me a paradigm shift in my mind that propel me in many ways from a shack in a small village in Quang-Tri to where I am today. It was just like a “khai-Thi” thing for me to see so many great people there at the school.
I will not write about our great teachers, but people like Dr. Tran Tien Ngac, Dr. Tinh Chau, Dr. Ton That Hua, Dr. Bui Huu Ut and few others who gave the ideas that some day that I can be in their league.
To be in same room with them is a great honor. I am glad to have a few giggles with Dr. Tinh Chau, on the female side of the school,  she was the person to look up to for sure for me, I am always at awe to have met her.
Any way, I am thankful to them for the aspiration.
I am proud to be in the class of so many talents with many exemplified individuals that are parts of life. I am happy to see LCD and HTT, and LVP, I wish that we can finish more wines . Hehe, life was good.
I am happy to see that LDC turns out to be a good doc and remains to be productive with his medical career, probably in many ways,  thank to his smart wife, and beautiful of course.
I am glad to see HTT, with him I am not worried about lack of talking. Life took him to a different path, but I am sure that he is always a proud member of Class 12 YKH, he is a graduate in my mind. I am always respectful for the courage and the path that he takes, and I am sure that his wife and children have made him a happier man now. LVP, he is finding his path but I am confident that he will as he is very persistent.
Of course we owe to Dr. Vinh Chanh for his countless hours and enthusiasm and kindness, and of course his wife for her letting him so dedicated to the activities of YKH. Never in my life that I thought I can at time smoke a cigars with him, at the school those guys looked like a “giant” to us just like LTP said. Hehe, may be next year I will try to bring VKC, LTP and TDD here than we will have a fine time for sure. Hehe that is not to say that this year is not fine, but “more fine” next year (sorry the  words, but sometime I made up words to express my thoughts).
I hope that you all will keep in touch, we have a common bond, and the school is an alma matter.
Long live our friendship!!!


Hi Minh,

Rat vui mung gap duoc Minh, Phu tai San Jose. Khoa 12 de lai cho toi rat nhieu ky niem sau khi tro lai truong. Rat mong se gap lai Minh, Phu trong thoi gian sap den

Rat cam on Vinh Chanh va ban Chap hanh HAHYK Hue da tao dieu kien cho toi co dip gap lai nhung nguoi than thuong

Cam on cac ban Le Dinh Thuong, Le  Quoc Bao da cho toi phuong tien den voi HAIYK Hue

Tôn Thất Hứa
     Thân gởi ACE:
     Tuy khong tham du cuoc hop mat cuoi tuan roi nhung Hiep rat vui mung vi tat ca cac ACE da co nhung gio phut hanh phuc, va trong may ngay hom qua da doc duoc rat nhieu bai viet voi nhieu thich thu va tran day chan tinh ve cuoc hop mat. Hiep dang mong doi phan 2 cua anh Vinh Chanh va di nhien con nhieu, nhieu bai nua.
     Xin cam on truoc va nhat quyet se khong "miss" cuoc hop mat nam 2009 nhan ngay 50 nam YKH.

Lê Văn Hiệp, # 13


    Hi Hà Thúc Thanh,
    Cam on HTT ve nhung chia xe trong ngay hop mat va hy vong Thanh hoac anh Vinh Chanh co the phien dich bai tuy but nay qua tieng Viet de dang lai tren web YKHHN cho tat ca ACE dang luu lac tren khap qua dia cau cung doc.
    Rat dong y voi cau hoi va cung la phan ket thuc bai viet cua ban. Dung nhu vay, YKHHN la mot tap the vung manh va doan ket, co y thuc chinh tri rat cao va dieu nay da duoc chung minh qua nhung bai phat bieu va thao luan tren YKH group trong vai nam qua. Hiep cung nghi la YKHHN co nhieu trach nhiem hon nua va hoi co du tiem nang de thuc hien va nhat dinh chung ta phai lam nhung gi thiet thuc hon trong mot tuong lai gan de khoi phai tu then voi luong tam cua chinh minh. Vang, phan lon anh em chung ta da roi bo que huong vi hai chu TU DO va trong day long moi nguoi deu mong mot ngay hop mat YKH tren mot que huong VN dan chu, tu do. Hay tu hoi va ban thao la
chung ta phai lam gi hon nua de nhung uoc mong nay chong thanh hien thuc!
    Chao than ai va doan ket,
    Lê Văn Hiệp, # 13


Cac ban than men:
Ngay mai 08-09-08 cac ban hop thuong nien va ky niem 40 nam ra truong promo YKH2 va 3 o San Jose
Forward cac ban chuong trinh tuong niem anh Nguyen Manh Diem YKH3 o Virginia cu`ng ngay
Trong tu tuong xin cac ban hoai niem nguoi ban cu~
Than, Đoàn Kim Phước

Thua anh Phuoc,
Ngay hom qua, vao khoang gan trua ngay 9 thang 8, 08, tai San Jose, co phut tuong niem den cac dong mon YKH da qua cố, trong do co ten anh Nguyen Manh Diem.
Qua la 1 su trung hop rat cam dong.
Ngay hop thuong nien YKH va le ky niem 40 nam ra truong cua quy anh chi thuoc khoa 2 va 3 da dien ra rat tot dep trong 1 khong khi vui nhon va than ái. Rat tiec la khong co anh chi o day de cung chung vui voi cac anh chi khac. Mong co ngay som gap anh chi.
Than men, em V. Chanh

Gởi Chánh:
Cám ơn bức thư đầy tình nghĩa đồng môn của Chánh.
Bức tranh self portrait dang dở Nguyễn Mạnh Điểm vẻ chưa xong, bình tro (urn containing his ashes) bên cạnh hình trên bàn
Nếu quen NMD, Chánh sẽ mến. Hai người đều có lòng với bằng hữu.
Thân, ĐKP


Bay gio la 3:30 pm, gio Dong bo. Song o Cali la 12:30 pm.  Gio nay Toi biet chac cac cuu sinh vien cua truong  ,luan lac xu nguoi, dang cung cac Thay Co cu va than huu vui mung gap mat. Toi hinh dung duoc danh tinh , net mat cua cac nguoi den hop, va tham chi noi dung chuyen tro ,theo nhung e-mail va thong bao trao doi ca may thang nay. Toi rat cam xuc , thich thu va tu hao ve Truong xua . 
Than ai  .  Lê Bá Vận .

Kinh thua Thay Vận:
Chung em rat tiec la khong co Thay Co ngay hom do. Qua nhu Thay du doan, do la 1 ngay that vui, that han hoan khi chung em da gap mat duoc rat nhieu quy anh chi "Mat Tich" tu lau lam, nay bat dau xuat hien.
Thay doc bai "Hanh Phuc Khi Da Gap Nhau" se hieu duoc 1 phan nho cua ngay hop. Phan lon con lai, ke ca buoi Hoi Ngo va An Toi dem Thu Bay, va An Sang Chu Nhat truoc khi chia tay, se duoc ghi lai boi nhieu ACE khac trong nhung ngay/tuan/thang sap toi day.

Sang nam Thay Co khong the nao khong co mat trong ngay Dai Hoi vi YKH se to chuc mung 50 nam thanh lap truong DH YKH ma Thay la 1 phan quan trọng trong do. Xin Thay Co de y thoi gian vao dau thang 8, va tai Little saigon.

Kinh thu, em Vinh Chanh

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